Yearly Travel Plans Notion Template | FREE


🪐 Use this Notion Travel Template to organise and outline your travel plans for the entire year!

Simple, easy-to-use, and customisable!

💡 Features:

⭐️ Specify your travel goals

⭐️ Mark your travel months/dates

⭐️ Clear view of your upcoming trips

⭐️ Note down the destinations you have in mind

⭐️ View the timeline of travel plans

⭐️ Get an overview of your travel plans for the year

⭐️ Access travel plans in a gallery format for convenient viewing

⭐️ Easily view and track travel plans based on priority and status

⭐️ Visually see which countries you have explored; check off visited countries

⭐️ Use the same template every year without deleting previous records

Use the Yearly Travel Plans Notion Template as a source of motivation and anticipation for your travels too! 🤩


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